Performance Video Items (Motion Ads)


In addition to regular, image-based items (ads), Backstage API allows you to create performance video items, also known as motion ads.

These are similar to their image-based counterparts. However, they are managed via a separate API resource (performance-video/items/) - with its own object schema and flow.


The terms 'performance video item' and 'motion ad' are used here interchangeably.


Motion Ads

  1. Performance video items (motion ads) are used in sponsored content campaigns.
  2. You can use regular ads and motion ads in a single campaign.
  3. The Top Campaign Content Report returns stats for both regular ads and motion ads.
  4. Similarly, the items endpoint returns both regular ads and motion ads.

    However, to access properties that are specific to motion ads, you must use the performance-video/items endpoint.

  5. The items endpoint does not support GIF. Instead, use the performance-video/items endpoint.

Creating performance video items (motion ads)

When creating a motion ad, you must provide 2 assets:

  1. A video asset.
  2. A default image (aka fallback image).


The above 2 assets can be provided as a URL - or via a file upload.

In return, the Taboola solution generates 3 new assets:

  1. An optimized video file, in MP4 format.
  2. A GIF, based on the above MP4.
  3. An optimized default image (aka fallback image).


The above 3 assets are saved in the Taboola CDN.


The response object contains URL paths to the newly created files.

Serving performance video items (motion ads)

When serving your motion ad, Taboola will serve the appropriate asset, based on the publisher account settings:

SettingFile served
Publisher allows video?Video (MP4) is served
Else - publisher allows animated GIF?GIF is served
Else... The default image (aka fallback image) is served.


Guidelines for Motion Ads

For guidelines and best practices, refer to the Help Center, or sync with your Taboola Account Manager.