Patch Object

The JSON object submitted in the PATCH request body.

The JSON object submitted in a PATCH request contains the following fields - see below.

In typical flow, you include:

  • A patch_operation
  • 1 patch field, representing the collection to use for the PATCH.


In a typical flow, include only 1 of the 'patch' fields (publisher_bid_modifier or publisher_targeting or publisher_targeting) - and omit the others (or set them to null).

(In principle, you can include more than 1 'patch' field - so long as the patch_operation is valid for all of them. However, it is not typically practical to do so.)


See Patching Collections for an overview of patching.
See Patch a Collection for examples of patching modifiers.
See Publisher Targeting (Blocking) for an overview of patching excluded publishers.