Update a Campaign Item

Submit a JSON object in a PUT or POST request body.
Fields that are omitted or null will not be updated.



The items endpoint no longer supports GIF thumbnails.

Instead, use the performance-video/items endpoint to create Video Sponsored Content.



  1. When updating a resource, you can use either PUT or POST.
  2. You can submit only the fields of interest. Fields that are omitted or null, will remain unchanged.
  3. While status is CRAWLING, the Item is in a read-only state - no fields can be modified.


Updating campaign item fields

POST /backstage/api/1.0/demo-advertiser/campaigns/1234/items/123
   "title": "Updated Title",
   "thumbnail_url": "http://cdn.example.com/updated_demo_image.jpg"

Pausing a campaign item

To pause (or unpause) an Item, update the Item, and set is_active to false (or true).

See: Pausing/unpausing Campaign Items