Postal Codes Targeting Restrictions Object

To update targeted postal codes for a specified campaign, submit a Targeting Restrictions Object to the targeting/postal_code resource - see the object schema below. A successful response will contain the same Targeting Restrictions Object.

Note that the campaigns resource itself does not store a direct reference to this Targeting Restrictions Object. Instead, it stores a Targeting Object with an href property. The href property contains the relevant endpoint URL for fetching the Targeting Restrictions Object.

NameModifier and DefaultsTypeDescription

Possible values:
The values in the collection should be included (targeted).
The values in the collection should be excluded.
Default) No restrictions - target all options.
Type of targeting - whether the listed values should be excluded (EXCLUDE) or included (INCLUDE).

ALL indicates that there is no targeting.
collectionRequiredArray <Long>List of postal codes


You must adhere to the restrictions defined for each field. Otherwise, the server will return 400 Bad Request.