Campaign columns


  1. The fetch_config param applies to the the by_campaign dimension only.
  2. If set to true:
    1. Each row in the report includes campaign properties (listed below).
    2. The report is limited to 1,000 rows.
is_activeBooleanIndicates if the campaign is active.
See: is_active
start_dateDateThe campaign start_date
end_dateDateThe campaign end_date
pricing_modelStringThe campaign pricing_model (typically "CPC")
bidMoneyThe campaign bid value
See: cpc
bid_strategyStringThe campaign bid_strategy
budget_typeStringThe campaign budget type.
See: daily_ad_delivery_model
budgetMoneyThe campaign budget.
See: daily_cap
spending_limit_typeStringSee: spending_limit_model
spending_limitMoneyThe maximum amount of money a campaign can consume.
See: spending_limit
campaign_statusStringThe campaign status