Postal Code Targeting


You can target specific postal codes for a given campaign.

Postal code targeting is unique in the sense that it is managed via the targeting/postal_code resource - and not the campaigns resource.

The following table provides a bird's eye view of the available endpoints for the targeting/postal_code resource. Refer to the specific topics for more detail.

DescriptionMethodPath (prefix: /backstage/api/1.0/[account-id]/campaigns)
Fetch targeted postal codes for the specified campaign.GET/[campaign_id]/targeting/postal_code
Update targeted postal codes for the specified campaign.POST/[campaign_id]/targeting/postal_code


  1. Use the targeting/postal_code endpoint to submit a Targeting Restrictions Object. The targeted postal codes must belong to the campaign's targeted country. For a successful request, the endpoint will return the submitted object.
  2. The targeted_postal_codes field of the specified Campaign contains a reference to the above endpoint, in its href property. This URL can be used to fetch the targeted collection. (Default value is an empty array.)

For a detailed example, see Update Postal Codes Targeting.