Item Status

When a new Item is created, it has a status of CRAWLING. The possible values for Item status are listed below:

CRAWLINGWhile status is CRAWLING, the Item is in a read-only state - no fields can be modified. The Item should be polled repeatedly until its status changes.See Creating a Campaign Item.Not eligible to be served.
CRAWLING_ERRORAn error occurred while crawling - probably because of an invalid or incorrect URL.Solution: try updating the Item's URL.Not eligible to be served.
NEED_TO_EDITThe item was successfully crawled, but some fields could not be parsed from the item's content - either thumbnail_url or title (or both).Solution: try updating those fields that have a value of null.Not eligible to be served.
PAUSEDUser has paused the Item (is_active = false)Not eligible to be served.
STOPPEDUser has deleted the Item.Not eligible to be served.
PENDING_APPROVALItem still needs to undergo Taboola approval process.Not eligible to be served.
Once approved, status will be set to RUNNING or PAUSED, depending on the value of the is_active field.
REJECTEDItem was rejected during the Taboola approval process.Not eligible to be served.
RUNNINGItem is running.Eligible to be served.
(Actual serving depends on multiple variables - e.g. campaign status, budget remaining, etc.)