Country And Sub-Country Targeting


For a given campaign, you can target multiple countries, or multiple regions within 1 country.


To target regions across several countries, create a separate campaign for each country.


DMAs (Designated Market Areas) represent major metropolitans in the US, and are used for more granular targeting. For a given campaign within the US, you can target regions or DMAs - but not both. DMAs are US-specific.


Use the Dictionary to fetch possible values for countries, regions and DMAs.


Sub country targeting - i.e. targeting of regions or DMAs - can be applied in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Use the sub_country_targeting field to pass either region targeting or DMA targeting.
  2. Use one of the newer, 'specific' fields - region_country_targeting or dma_country_targeting.

Regardless of which method you use (1 or 2), the targeted values are reflected in both fields. Refer to the Examples section below.


  1. Country, region and DMA targeting are applied via the campaigns endpoint.
  2. In the updated Campaign Object, the value property stores the targeted collection.

See the examples that follow.