Bulk Update Campaigns

Bulk update multiple campaigns (using a single API request).
You can also use a network account to bulk update campaigns across the network.

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The request object must include 2 properties:

  1. campaigns - a list of Campaign IDs to update (passed as numbers).
  2. update - an object containing the fields to update. (It must be a supported field - see below.)

Supported fields


Although name is a supported field, we recommend giving each campaign a unique name.



  1. Use the POST verb.
  2. Limit each request to a maximum of 200 campaigns.
  3. For each request, the API will skip any unsupported fields, and attempt to update the others.
  4. If any fields are read-only, a 400 response is returned. Otherwise, a 200 response is returned, regardless of any skipped fields (see previous point).
  5. By default, if the update operation fails for 1 campaign, then no campaigns will be updated. To override this behavior, pass ?is_atomic=false.


This endpoint supports the network account

You can use a network account to update campaigns across the network:
POST backstage/api/1.0/{network-account}/campaigns/bulk-update

For more information about the network account see: Network Accounts.


   "campaigns": [
   "update": {
      "spending_limit": 2000,
      "cpc": 2,
      "is_active": false
   "country_targeting": {
      "type": "INCLUDE",
      "value": [
   "platform_targeting": {
      "type": "INCLUDE",
      "value": [


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