RSS Items


An RSS feed is a convenient way of adding multiple Items at once. When adding an Item that points to an RSS feed, all items in that feed are crawled and added as Children Items of that RSS Item. The Children Items of an RSS Item are served just like regular Items.


RSS Items do not undergo a review process.


RSS Items are available for selected accounts only.

Unique Features

RSS Items have a number of unique features:

  1. An RSS Item contains a list of Children Items - similar to a Campaign that contains a list of Items.
  2. As long as any of its children are CRAWLING, the RSS Item has a status of CRAWLING.
  3. You can not add Children Items to an RSS item - its children are fetched automatically.
  4. You can update a specific Child Item.
  5. You can pause/unpause a specific Child Item.
  6. You can not delete a specific Child Item.

RSS Creation Flow

Creating an RSS Item is identical to creating a regular Item. The only difference is that the URL points to a valid RSS feed. The identification of the RSS feed is performed automatically.


The Item type is determined by the URL crawled. If the supplied URL is an RSS feed, the Item created will have a type of RSS.


The status of an RSS Item will be CRAWLING, as long as its children are CRAWLING.

Fetching a List of RSS Children

Once an RSS Item has a status of RUNNING, you can fetch a list of its Children Items. The endpoint requires an additional path param, with the relevant Item ID. Aside from that, the flow is just like fetching a regular list of Items: the response body is a valid, JSON object, with a results property that contains the list of campaign items.

Fetching a Specific Child of an RSS Item

Similarly, once an RSS Item has a status of RUNNING, you can fetch a specific Child Item. As before, the endpoint requires an additional path param - and the flow is very similar to fetching a regular Item.

Updating a Child Item

You can update or pause a Child Item - just like you would a regular Item.


You can not delete a Child Item.