NameModifier & DefaultsTypeDescription
Targeting Object with type = ALL and value = [] (empty collection)
Targeting Object

Use the Dictionary to fetch possible values.


1. Target 1 country only, using INCLUDE mode.
2. Target 1 or more regions (or DMAs) in the above country.

Can be used for region targeting or DMA targeting (in the US) - but not both at the same time.
List of regions (or DMAs) that the campaign will target or exclude.

You can use this field or one of the β€˜specific’ fields (region_country_targeting or dma_country_targeting)
See: Country and Sub-Country Targeting - and the field definitions that follow below.

The sub_country_targeting field is updated directly via the campaigns endpoint - and the targeted collection is stored directly in the value property:

   "id": "1234",
   "sub_country_targeting": {
      "type": "INCLUDE",
      "value": [
      "href": null


The href property is always null.


You can apply region or DMA targeting - but not both


For a given update request, you can submit values via sub_country_targeting or via one of the newer, 'specific' fields - but not via both.
See: Country and Sub-Country Targeting