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Targeting Object with type = ALL and value = [] (empty collection)

Targeting Object

Use the Dictionary to fetch possible values.


  1. Target 1 country only, using INCLUDE mode.
  2. Target 1 or more regions (or DMAs) in the above country.

    Can be used for region targeting or DMA targeting (in the US) - but not both at the same time.

List of regions (or DMAs) that the campaign will target or exclude.

You can use this field or one of the ‘specific’ fields (region_country_targeting or dma_country_targeting)
See: Country and Sub-Country Targeting - and the field definitions that follow below.

The sub_country_targeting field is updated directly via the campaigns endpoint - and the targeted collection is stored directly in the value property:

   "id": "1234",
   "sub_country_targeting": {
      "type": "INCLUDE",
      "value": [
      "href": null


The href property is always null.


You can apply region or DMA targeting - but not both


For a given update request, you can submit values via sub_country_targeting or via one of the newer, 'specific' fields - but not via both.
See: Country and Sub-Country Targeting