User ID Object

Each User ID object contains 3 properties:

user_idStringThe User ID value.

Possible values:

The User ID type:

- A Device ID or MAID (in clear text)
- An Email Address (as a SHA256 hash)
- A Taboola User ID (not available to customers)

- If type is "EMAIL_ID", pass true.
- Otherwise, pass false.

See callouts below.
   "user_id": "836f82db99121b3481011f16b49dfa5fbc714a0d1b1b9f784a1ebbbf5b39577f",
   "type": "EMAIL_ID",
   "is_hashed": true


Passing a Device ID

  1. Do not hash the Device ID.
  2. Set is_hashed to false.


Passing an Email ID

  1. Hash the Email ID. (Convert all characters to lower case and apply a SHA256 hash).
  2. Set is_hashed to true.