Get a Conversion Rule

Get a specific Conversion Rule, for the specified account.


Returns all conversion rules available to that account - including audiences created at the network level.


Conversion Rules are not specific to a given campaign - they are defined at the account level.

    "id": 5,
    "display_name": "Add To Cart",
    "category": "ADD_TO_CART",
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "type": "BASIC",
    "event_name": "page-view",
    "condition": {
        "property": "URL",
        "predicate": "CONTAINS",
        "value": "/addToCart",
        "children": [
    "effects": [
            "type": "REVENUE",
            "data": "15"
    "description": "Add to Cart Conversion rule",
    "advertiser_id": "Mobile-SC",
    "last_modified_by": "[email protected]",
    "last_modified_at": "2018-03-20"


The response body is a valid, JSON object that represents a single Conversion Rule.

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