NameModifier & DefaultsTypeDescription
daily_ad_delivery_modelFor backward compatibility, the default value depends on the value of daily_cap.

If daily_cap exists and is > 0, then...
Default = STRICT

Default = BALANCED

Possible values:

The daily cap will be balanced each day of the month according to the monthly budget. Daily Cap must be null.

The campaign’s daily cap will be strict, determined by the daily_cap field. In this mode, daily_cap should be set to higher than 0.0.

(Deprecated - see below)
The campaign will be delivered without a daily cap. This is the same as setting the daily_cap to 0.0.
The Daily Ad Delivery model (combined with the Daily Cap) defines the way the campaign will be delivered on a daily basis. Each type represents a different approach to how the campaign budget will be spent.


Effective from July 27, the default Daily Ad Delivery Model is BALANCED (unless the campaign has a daily_cap).

Effective from Aug 1, the following changes apply:

  • Backstage API no longer supports a value of ACCELERATED.
  • Backstage UI no longer provides an ACCELERATED option.
  • Existing campaign settings have been migrated from ACCELERATED to STRICT (with a daily_cap).