Performance Video Items (Motion Ads) - Fields

The topics below provide a comprehensive reference for Video Item (aka video sponsored content) fields.

A sample Video Item object:

GET /backstage/api/1.0/demo-advertiser/campaigns/1234/performance-video/items/123
   "id": "123",
   "campaign_id": "1234",
   "url": "",
   "title": "Demo Article",
   "approval_state": "APPROVED",
   "is_active": true,
   "status": "RUNNING",
   "policy_review": {
      "reject_reason": null
   "fallback_url": "",
   "gif_url": "",
   "video_url": "!-#@800x448"


You must adhere to the restrictions defined for each field. Otherwise, the server will return 400 Bad Request.


Modifier Column

Required - field must be included when creating a new resource.
Read-only - should never be sent to the server. Appears only when fetching a resource.
Final - set once when creating the resource. Thereafter, is read-only.