Bidding strategies

Backstage API now supports 4 bidding strategies.

Realtime Reports

You can now use the following reports to fetch (near) real-time data:

3rd party tags at the item level

Going forward, the Verification Pixel (aka 3rd Party Pixel) can be set at the campaign or item level.

`campaign_hour_breakdown` - end_date

When using the campaign_hour_breakdown dimension, always pass a date and time for the reporting interval. (The values passed should reflect the time zone of that account.)

Top Campaign Content - Multiple versions of an item


`exclude_empty_campaigns` filter

By default, campaign-breakdown dimensions (for the Campaign Summary Report) return all campaigns.


Top Campaign Content - `create_time` column

The Top Campaign Content Report now returns a create_time column with the date-time that the Item was created.

Video Campaign Summary Report

Going forward, you can use the Video Campaign Summary Report to fetch video campaign metrics.


`user_segment_breakdown` dimension

The user_segment_breakdown dimension (of the Campaign Summary Report) now includes an id column.


`contextual_breakdown` dimension

The Campaign Summary Report now supports an contextual_breakdown dimension.