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API / Token not working | Network account problem settings

Hello, We've requested an account conversion from a single regular account to a Network account with two accounts inside. After we got them, we requested th new client id and secret token for each one of them (Network, account 1 and account 2) but only 2 of the 3 accounts work correctly. We checked everything on our side and it seems that the problem is with the setup of the Network account and account 1. API / Token Doesn't Work for this account --> iPink 1 --> we have all the campaigns running here (setupdone by Taboola during the account change) but we don't get the data from here with the API beacuse it doesn't work. API / Token Works Correctly for these two --> iPink - Network and iPink 2 --> But we are getting the data through the API from the Network account instead of iPink 1 account. We need to fix this in order to have the Network account setup properly and be able to get the data from the API of account iPink 1 (advertiser account) Thanks!

Add to Pixel Audience via API

We're looking to create a custom pixel audience, so we can exclude users in this audience for 1 day. We're looking to add a user frequency cap basically across certain accounts. This specific implementation doesn't give us the option to fire a pixel, since it's going direct to a landing page we don't have control over. We could add a page in between the landing page and our ads, but we could lose some users that way. Is there a way to post a user to a pixel audience via api? The reason we're looking to use a pixel audience vs a custom audience is the ability to include a user in the audience for only 1 day, which is available in the pixel audience, and also not having first party user data. What are our best options to add users to this audience via api?

Regarding API Time Zone

Hi Team, Please note that we recently got the time zone for 4 taboola accounts changed to PST. Would it be safe to assume that our existing API credentials would now return the data in the same time zone for the said accounts?

Changes history API

Hi, is it possible to get the changes history data with API? if not it is something you can add? Thanks, Amir.

Getting error "Requested action is forbidden: Duplication of bid modifiers for Max Conversions or Target CPA is not allowed"

Dear Support Team, While trying to create a duplicate campaign, I'm getting error for some campaigns. **Endpoint:** <> **Error Message:** Requested action is forbidden: Duplication of bid modifiers for Max Conversions or Target CPA is not allowed. Kindly do check it and let me know if you need more information from my side. Thanks & Regards, Mayank Sharma

Content Quality Ratings Missing Field

Hi, I am trying to pull "Content Quality" data (<>) for our campaigns through the "Get a Campaign" API call but I can't find this specific field. Could you please confirm whether it's supported to retrieve Content Quality data through the above API call? I also tried the "Campaign Summary Report" route but without success. While I did find the 'safety_rating' field, it doesn't seem to encompass the complete range of Content Quality values. Notably, it lacks distinctions like "premium," only offering "high" and "medium" ratings. I appreciate your assistance in clarifying if it's possible to access Content Quality data via the API and if I might be overlooking something. Best Regards, Elad Sachs

Bulk update seperate countries

1. is there a way to duplicate campaign and force all his ad urls to a different ad url? doing it online is slow + i need to separate between images media and video mediabcause i cannot edit both in bulk - so any solution for that? 2. anyway that a campaign will be in csv file or something that I can edit offline and upload it ready? This will help me make things easier in bulk 3. any ideas to help me create separate campaigns for each country It's basically duplicate campaign, change country and change all ads (images and motion ads) urls

Pull Stats Using Campaign + Publisher + Hour

We are not seeing any option in the Taboola API documentation to pull stats at a campaign + publisher + hour level. Would it be possible for you to check if such an option exists in the API and if yes share details/documentation around the same.

When creating a campaign, how do we specify the custom conversion we would like to use?

Hi, When creating a campaign via an API call, how can I specify the conversion event we would like to use? This field doesn't appear in your documentation under the available campaign fields. I'm talking about the conversion events field under the Conversion Goal, as shown in the image below: <>