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"top_campaign_content_report" API returning NULL for certain items

We are receiving a null value for 'item' in the "top_campaign_content_report" table. We have made the primary key for the table "top_campaign_content_report", which is a hash value of item, date, item_name, campaign_id fields. Sometimes, we get a null value for the item field in the response, for eg: curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer XXX' -A 'Jesey/2.25.1' '' | jq Returns: { "item": null, "item_name": "xxxxxxxxx", "thumbnail_url": "xxxxxxx", "url": "xxxxxxxx", "campaign": "898661", "campaign_name": "xxxxxxxx", "content_provider": "1121684", "content_provider_name": "xxxxxxxx", "impressions": 1371, "visible_impressions": 376, "ctr": 0.15, "vctr": 0.53, "clicks": 2, "cpc": 0.108, "cvr": 50.00, "cvr_clicks": 50.00, "cvr_views": 0.00, "cpa": 0.22, "cpa_clicks": 0.22, "cpa_views": 0.00, "actions": 1, "actions_num_from_clicks": 1, "actions_num_from_views": 0, "cpm": 0.16, "vcpm": 0.57, "spent": 0.22, "conversions_value": 0.00, "roas": 0.00, "currency": "USD" }, The same request executed on a different date sometimes returns a valid 'item' and the hash value will get changed and this causes us to add duplicate records while upserting the data. We do not expect to be getting a null value because the item value is the same as id in the "campaign_item" table, and we do not see any null id value in the campaign_item table. After more discovery, we found that these values are being returned as 'null' because that item has been deleted from the campaign history. Can everything be paused instead of deleted to try overcome this data integrity issue?


Posted by Sean about a year ago