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How to get a list of all Ads with measures ?

Hi, I'm trying to pull data of all Ads that have generated in our campaigns, and for some reason I don't have the option to do so. Am I missing something ? Thanks, Gilad

'campaign_hour_breakdown' for Top Campaign Content Report

Hi all, We were looking to pull hourly spend by campaign by day, however we are currently using the Top Campaign Content Report vs. Campaign Summary Report. Does anyone know if/when this dimension will become available under the Top Campaign Content Report? Or if there are any existing dimensions that could help us pull that same data in some kind of hack?

Top Campaign Content Report Segmented By Day

Is it possible to segment the Top Campaign Content Report by day? For example, if I set start_date=2021-10-01 and end_date=2021-10-06, could I get the data segmented by day as: {date: 2021-10-01 item: 12345 clicks: 1} {date: 2021-10-02 item: 12345 clicks: 4} {date: 2021-10-03 item: 12345 clicks: 2} {date: 2021-10-04 item: 12345 clicks: 1} {date: 2021-10-05 item: 12345 clicks: 3} {date: 2021-10-06 item: 12345 clicks: 4} I don't see this as an available option but was wondering if anyone knows of possible workarounds? Thanks!

Reporting issue with top-campaign-content

Hi, We are requesting for this report(/reports/top-campaign-content/dimensions/item_breakdown) several times a day. But , server returned 503 status code in a few accounts. This problem starts since September 21st and it is remaining. I tried it for a several time , but the result doesn't change. Please tell me why it's happening and what we can do to solve this. response headers: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""> <html> <head> <title>503 backend read error</title> </head> <body> <h1>Error 503 backend read error</h1> <p>backend read error</p> <h3>Guru Mediation:</h3> <p>Details: cache-tyo11974-TYO 1632721947 3457093885</p> <hr> <p>Varnish cache server</p> </body> </html>

old version items missing from Top Campaign Content

Hi, we use Taboola Backstage API in our product, using this url "backstage/api/1.0/%s/reports/top-campaign-content/dimensions/item_breakdown?start_date=%s&end_date=%s", we see that there are items missing from the response, all items that are labeled "(old version)" that are present in the Taboola UI in Top Campaign Content are missing from the API response, I tried looking into the docs but couldn't find any clue related to (old version) items and how to pull them!! any advise on why there are missing?

Finalized state of the API reporting stats

I have a question when the active Taboola ads stats (clicks, impressions and spend) become stable and final. Each day we are downloading Top Campaign Content API reports for today, yesterday, day before yesterday etc. All stats older that 4 days are cached and considered to be final. But for some campaigns it seems not to be enough and we still see some small discrepancies compared to the latest Taboola dashboard UI result. Updating the old cached stats through the API fixes the issue. Am I wrong the stats to become stable on the 4th day?

"top_campaign_content_report" API returning NULL for certain items

We are receiving a null value for 'item' in the "top_campaign_content_report" table. We have made the primary key for the table "top_campaign_content_report", which is a hash value of item, date, item_name, campaign_id fields. Sometimes, we get a null value for the item field in the response, for eg: curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer XXX' -A 'Jesey/2.25.1' '' | jq Returns: { "item": null, "item_name": "xxxxxxxxx", "thumbnail_url": "xxxxxxx", "url": "xxxxxxxx", "campaign": "898661", "campaign_name": "xxxxxxxx", "content_provider": "1121684", "content_provider_name": "xxxxxxxx", "impressions": 1371, "visible_impressions": 376, "ctr": 0.15, "vctr": 0.53, "clicks": 2, "cpc": 0.108, "cvr": 50.00, "cvr_clicks": 50.00, "cvr_views": 0.00, "cpa": 0.22, "cpa_clicks": 0.22, "cpa_views": 0.00, "actions": 1, "actions_num_from_clicks": 1, "actions_num_from_views": 0, "cpm": 0.16, "vcpm": 0.57, "spent": 0.22, "conversions_value": 0.00, "roas": 0.00, "currency": "USD" }, The same request executed on a different date sometimes returns a valid 'item' and the hash value will get changed and this causes us to add duplicate records while upserting the data. We do not expect to be getting a null value because the item value is the same as id in the "campaign_item" table, and we do not see any null id value in the campaign_item table. After more discovery, we found that these values are being returned as 'null' because that item has been deleted from the campaign history. Can everything be paused instead of deleted to try overcome this data integrity issue?