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Hey, I am not able to update rejected ads title and description and cannot find any documentation on it

I am getting 403 error

Custom Audiences (create,add,remove) - via API

HI all, I create an Audience using this API: <> I check that it created using API and the system, I used this API and got the response: <> I tried to add user to using this API: <> I got the 200 OK response but when I called the get My Audience api again I still see that audience_size is still 0 here is the body of the request I am sending to add user: { "operation": "ADD", "audience_id": 30489271, "identities": \[ { "cluster": [ { "user_id": "614c0ecf4ccac0d6b4141459ab005f9ac1de67158ad60c0b01b23774f5152bd2", "type": "EMAIL_ID", "is_hashed": true } ] } ] } <br> I would love to get you help Thanks Doron

Real Time Report - Site By Campaign

Is there a way to obtain real-time data for campaign sites? In the 'Campaign Summary Report,' there is a dimension called 'campaign_site_day_breakdown' to obtain site reports by campaign. Is there a method to acquire this data in real-time? I notice that in the real-time campaign report, there is an option to obtain it 'by site,' but it is not by campaign.

Issue with Campaign Visibility in UI After Uploading via API

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I've encountered while using the Taboola API for uploading campaigns. I have been successfully uploading campaigns via the API. However, after the upload, when I check the Taboola User Interface (UI), the advertisements associated with these campaigns are not immediately visible. The only workaround I've found is to manually turn off and then turn on the campaigns again in the UI. This step seems to refresh the visibility, allowing the advertisements to appear. Steps Taken: Campaigns are uploaded successfully via API. Checked the visibility of campaign advertisements in the Taboola UI. Manually toggled the campaigns off and on to make the advertisements appear. I am looking for a solution or explanation as to why this issue occurs and how I can resolve it. Any insights, advice, or similar experiences shared by the community would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Top Campaign Content Report for current day

We have a system in place that runs the `reports/top-campaign-content/dimensions/item_breakdown?start_date={date}&end_date={date}` each day at 13:00 UTC and we pass the previous days date. We've expanded this recently in an attempt to bring in today's data incrementally but it seems like the API does not return data when we pass in today's date. Is there a way to get the data this report offers for the _current day_? I see that the Campaign Summary Report has a mention of timestamps being supported when using the hourly dimension. Is there such a thing for this endpoint/report? Thanks in advance.

Taboola Campaign Duplication: Campaign duplicated after API returned 401 unauthorized

We are using the backstage api to create campaigns via duplication. We faced an instance where Taboola returned 401 Unauthorized for a request but still created the campaign at their end. It was thankfully detected but this is a very dangerous situation. Allowing campaigns to be created after returning FAILED status to end user can cause spends to be incurred. Please investigate and fix the issue on priority. Logs (Timestamps are in UTC) : 2023-11-13 10:38:50.164 INFO 1 --- [l-15-thread-145] \: --> POST <>\<redacted_source_account>/campaigns/30114321/duplicate?destination_account=\<redacted_destination_account> (182-byte body) 2023-11-13 10:39:17.769 INFO 1 --- [l-15-thread-145] \: \<-- 401 Unauthorized <>\<redacted_source_account>/campaigns/30114321/duplicate?destination_account=\<redacted_destination_account> (27605ms, unknown-length body) The campaign was created and is present in \<redacted_destination_account> with campaign Id :30298951 Details of these account, campaigns will be shared via private correspondence to our AccountManager

404 get all campaigns

When I try to get all the campaigns, I'm getting a 404 response: { http_status: 404, message: 'account', message_code: 'api.action.resource_not_found' } const fetch = require('node-fetch'); require('dotenv').config(); const url = '<'>; const options = { method: 'GET', headers: { authorization: 'Bearer ' + process.env.TABOOLA_ACCESS } }; fetch(url, options) .then(res => res.json()) .then(json => console.log(json)) .catch(err => console.error('error:' + err)); What could be the issue?

Gaps in data collection API?

Why are there gaps in pulling exposure data from the system to the BI software?

Bulk Campaign & Content Upload

Hi, How can I upload bulk campaigns via API

Why do I cannot access campaign-report-by-campaign-daily end-point by API?

I'm trying get all reports by day from a specific user, but I'm getting: http_status: 405, message: 'Not allowed call detected: timeDiffMin=153722867280912, endpoint=/api/my_client_id_here/reports/campaign-report-by-campaign-daily, user=[](mailto:[email protected]), ip=my_ip_address_here, ua=axios/1.6.0, signature=null, clientVersion=no data'. How can I get access to this endpoint? Also has another way to getting all reports with all of campaigns by day? Campaign Summary Report endpoint does not brings campaing_name and I need that. Top Campaign Content Report endpoint brings just one campaign, I need all of campaigns from the client_id. Also Realtime Campaign Report endpoint does not brings capaing_name. How Can I get reports from all campaigns by user account filtering by date?