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Custom audience targeting update failure

Hello, I've been unsuccessfully trying to update the audience targeting of a campaign to make it include a custom audience. The steps I've taken follow: 1) I've successfully created a campaign through the Taboola API and set aside its id. 2) I've successfully created a new conversion through the Taboola UI. To be more specific: - I reached the "Tracking" section - I clicked "New Conversion" - I set the "Type" field as "Event", the "Based on" field as "Custom" and filled all the remaining fields. I managed to set aside its id extracting it from the created conversion page's URL. I know that this is not probably the proper way to accomplish the task, but was just meant as a temporary workaround while waiting for another question ( to be answered. 3) I've tried to update the targeting of the campaign by issuing a POST request to with this JSON body: { "collection": [{ "collection": [the_conversion_id], "type": "INCLUDE" }] } The API responds with an error: { "http_status": 400, "message": "Collection contains invalid rule ids for targeting: [1]", "offending_field": "custom_audience_targeting.collection[0].collection", "message_code": "campaign.unip.retargeting.rules.invalid.ids" } Am I doing something wrong? I supposed that creating a new custom conversion through the UI and creating a new custom audience rule through the API ( were interchangeable operations. Perhaps this is not the way it works but I could not make it clear reading the documentation and/or using the UI. Thanks is advance for your support.


Posted by Francesco Orazini 8 days ago