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Network ID

Hello! I am looking for a dynamic way of fetching the Network ID from an API or something similar. Would you please advise? Thanks!

Video Ads

Hi, A few questions regarding video ads: 1. Do video ads need to be added to video campaigns or can they be added to usual campaigns? 2. Do video ads show up in the Top Campaign Content Report or do they only show up in the new Video Campaign Summary Report? Thanks in advance

Custom audience targeting update failure

Hello, I've been unsuccessfully trying to update the audience targeting of a campaign to make it include a custom audience. The steps I've taken follow: 1) I've successfully created a campaign through the Taboola API and set aside its id. 2) I've successfully created a new conversion through the Taboola UI. To be more specific: - I reached the "Tracking" section - I clicked "New Conversion" - I set the "Type" field as "Event", the "Based on" field as "Custom" and filled all the remaining fields. I managed to set aside its id extracting it from the created conversion page's URL. I know that this is not probably the proper way to accomplish the task, but was just meant as a temporary workaround while waiting for another question ( to be answered. 3) I've tried to update the targeting of the campaign by issuing a POST request to with this JSON body: { "collection": [{ "collection": [the_conversion_id], "type": "INCLUDE" }] } The API responds with an error: { "http_status": 400, "message": "Collection contains invalid rule ids for targeting: [1]", "offending_field": "custom_audience_targeting.collection[0].collection", "message_code": "campaign.unip.retargeting.rules.invalid.ids" } Am I doing something wrong? I supposed that creating a new custom conversion through the UI and creating a new custom audience rule through the API ( were interchangeable operations. Perhaps this is not the way it works but I could not make it clear reading the documentation and/or using the UI. Thanks is advance for your support.

Failing conversion rule creation

Hello. I've been recently trying to create a conversion rule through the Taboola Backstage API, as specified in the appropriate section of the documentation ( In order to create the rule, I've been issuing a POST request to the following endpoint,{my_account_id}/universal_pixel/conversion_rule/ with a correctly generated Access Token (I've been using it to call several other API endpoints as well and it worked in those circumstances). My JSON body is: { "event_name": "test_pixel", "display_name": "test_pixel", "include_in_total_conversions": false, "category": "SEARCH", "status": "ACTIVE", "type": "EVENT_BASED", "condition": [], "exclude_from_campaigns": false, "look_back_window": 30 } Even though there seems to be no inconsistency with the documentation (all fields seems to be correctly configured and no required field is missing, apparently), the API responds with an error: { "http_status": 400, "message": "Bad request", "message_code": "api.action.bad_request.null" } No meaningful message is associated with the response and I don't know how to make this work. Thanks in advance for your support.

Why Do I get an error when posting a new ad (item)?

I'm trying to make a post request in order to submit a new item (ad), but. But when I do so I get a 400 error: http_status: 400, message: "Unknown field name 'url'", message_code: 'api.action.bad_request.null' This is the code: const url = ''+accountID+'/campaigns/'+cID+'items/'; const options = { method: 'POST', headers: { Authorization: "Bearer" + await getToken(), Accept: 'application/json', 'Content-Type': 'application/json'}, body: JSON.stringify({ url: landingPage, thumbnail_url: image, title: adTitle }) } const respose = await fetch(url, options);

Is there api which I can use to get spend numbers grouped by date, publisher and campaign_item_id?

Is there api which I can use to get spend numbers grouped by date, publisher and campaign_item_id?

Full authentication is required to access this resource

i am integrating create campaign api

Taboola to Google Sheet Script

Hi there, Is there a script available that I can use within Google Sheets to import campaign data such as costs on an hourly/daily basis from my Taboola Ad account? If so I'd be very grateful if someone could share this with me :)

Add video item

We are working on the feature to allow uploading video creatives through our campaign creation feature and some questions: 1. Do you have integration to get videos from Getty images (or other provider) - just like you have with image creatives? 2. For the default images which accompany the video - can we get these from Getty images? I'm asking since you have a unique flow on how these getty images can be used so I'm trying to understand if it's possible to use it as the default images for the video item. 3. Can we upload more than one video at a time? 4. What about variations as we do with image creatives where we create combinations between all the images and the titles which are selected, is it possible to do with videos?

API Audience Creation/Update

Hello Is there an option to create and update an Audience via the API? We have built audiences by uploading a list of email addresses manually before but we are looking to do this via API and updating everyday. I have looked in the documentation but cannot find the answer I am looking for. Can you point me to the documentation for this so I can send to our developers? Thanks