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Custom Audiences (create,add,remove) - via API

HI all,

I create an Audience using this API:

I check that it created using API and the system, I used this API and got the response:

I tried to add user to using this API:

I got the 200 OK response but when I called the get My Audience api again I still see that audience_size is still 0

here is the body of the request I am sending to add user:

"operation": "ADD",
"audience_id": 30489271,
"identities": [
"cluster": [
"user_id": "614c0ecf4ccac0d6b4141459ab005f9ac1de67158ad60c0b01b23774f5152bd2",
"type": "EMAIL_ID",
"is_hashed": true

I would love to get you help