Available audience object schema

The combined_audiences/resources/audiences endpoint returns an array of available audience objects - see the object schema below.

Object schema

idNumberThe unique ID of the audience.
audience_nameStringThe display name of the audience.
Tip: You can filter on this field, using the text_search query param.
sizeNumberThe MAU (Monthly Active Users) of the audience.
providerStringThe partner that provided the audience - e.g. "Taboola".
data_typeStringThe audience type:
descriptionStringThe description of the audience.
is_archivedBooleanAlways falsefor an available audience.

Sample object

    "id": 9012,
    "audience_name": "Female",
    "size": 1200000,
    "provider": "Taboola",
    "data_type": "THIRD_PARTY",
    "description": "Sample description goes here",
    "is_archived": false