Get a Custom Audience Rule

Get a specific Custom Audience Rule, for the specified account.


Custom Audience Rules are not specific to a given Campaign.

   "id": 201,
   "display_name": "Lead3",
   "look_back_window": 20,
   "category": "LEAD",
   "status": "DISABLED",
   "type": "EVENT_BASED",
   "event_name": "lead3",
   "condition": {
      "property": null,
      "predicate": null,
      "value": null,
      "children": null
   "effects": [],
   "include_in_total_conversions": true,
   "exclude_from_campaigns": false,
   "description": null,
   "advertiser_id": "demo-advertiser",
   "last_modified_by": "[email protected]",
   "last_modified_at": "2018-11-07",
   "audience_size": 0


The response body is a valid, JSON object that represents a single Custom Audience Rule.

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