Campaign Items Overview


Deprecation Notice

Effective from 2020-11-30, the items endpoint will no longer support GIF thumbnails.

Instead, use the performance-video/items endpoint to create Video Sponsored Content.


For a given campaign, Items are the creatives that users will see and click.

Items are campaign-specific - you first create a campaign, and then create its items. A campaign's Items all have the same targeting and CPC - and all draw from the same budget. (When running your campaign, Taboola's internal algorithm will determine the optimal way to serve its Items.)

There are a number of reasons you might want to add new Items to your campaign, or update existing ones. For example, you might want to try several Items and see which one performs best - or tweak Items, based on performance.

Quick Reference

DescriptionMethodPath (prefix: /backstage/api/1.0/[account_id]/campaigns)
Fetch all Items for a CampaignGET/campaign_id/items/
Fetch a specific Item from a CampaignGET/campaign_id/items/item_id/
Add an Item to a CampaignPOST/campaign_id/items/
Update an ItemPOST, PUT/campaign_id/items/item_id/
Delete an Item from a CampaignDELETE/campaign_id/items/item_id/
Fetch children of an RSS ItemGET/campaign_id/items/item_id/children/
Fetch a specific child of an RSS ItemGET/campaign_id/items/item_id/children/child_id/
Update a child of an RSS ItemPOST, PUT/campaign_id/items/item_id/children/child_id/
Batch create campaign items.POST/[campaign_id`/items/mass


In general, managing Campaign Items is fairly similar to managing Campaigns.