Campaign Items Overview


For a given campaign, items are the creatives that users will see and click.

Items are campaign-specific - you first create a campaign, and then create its items. A campaign's items all have the same targeting and CPC - and all draw from the same budget. (When running your campaign, Taboola's internal algorithm will determine the optimal way to serve its Items.)

Quick Reference

DescriptionMethodPath (prefix: /backstage/api/1.0/[account_id]/campaigns)
Fetch all Items for a CampaignGET/campaign_id/items/
Fetch a specific Item from a CampaignGET/campaign_id/items/item_id/
Add an Item to a CampaignPOST/campaign_id/items/
Update an ItemPOST, PUT/campaign_id/items/item_id/
Delete an Item from a CampaignDELETE/campaign_id/items/item_id/
Fetch children of an RSS ItemGET/campaign_id/items/item_id/children/
Fetch a specific child of an RSS ItemGET/campaign_id/items/item_id/children/child_id/
Update a child of an RSS ItemPOST, PUT/campaign_id/items/item_id/children/child_id/
Batch create campaign items.POST/campaign_id/items/mass