Standard Columns

Standard columns contain performance metrics.

campaignStringThe campaign_id (A numeric String)
campaign_nameStringHuman-readable campaign name
content_providerStringMachine-readable advertiser name
content_provider_nameStringHuman-readable advertiser name
impressionsNumberTotal Number of impressions
ctrPercentAverage CTR (Click Through Rate). Calculated as Clicks/Impressions
clicksNumberTotal Number of clicks
cpcMoneyAverage CPC of total clicks. Calculated as Spend/Clicks
cpmMoneyAverage CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions). Calculated as Spend/Impressions
spentMoneyTotal amount spent
currencyStringCurrency Code (ISO 4217)

The currency for columns of type β€œMoney”.
actionsNumberTotal Number of actions (also referred to as conversions)
cpaMoneyAverage CPA (Cost Per Action). Calculated as Spend/Actions
cvrPercentAverage Conversion Rate. Calculated as Actions/Clicks
roasMoneyReturn on ad spend - the total conversion value amount divided by the total ad spend
visible_impressionsIntegerTotal Number of viewable impressions
vctrPercentAverage viewable CTR (Click Through Rate). Calculated as Clicks/Viewable Impressions
vcpmMoneyAverage viewable CPM (Cost Per 1000 viewable Impressions). Calculated as Spend/viewable Impressions



In order to report on conversions_value and roas, you must do either of the following:

  1. Assign a static conversion value to a given conversion.
  2. Pass dynamic conversion values.

    If you are using the Taboola Shopify App, the App will pass the purchase value to Taboola dynamically.

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