Reporting Overview


A note for publishers

For publisher reports, go here.

Reports allow you to view and analyze your campaign data. In these reports you’ll find everything you need to understand what’s happening with your campaigns - including performance information that will help with campaign optimization.

Available Reports

The Taboola Backstage API provides 2 advertiser reports, each with its own endpoint, dimensions (views) and filters:

NameResourcePath (prefix: /backstage/api/1.0)Description
Campaign Summary Reportreports/
A comprehensive summary of all campaign activity, including performance metrics.
Top Campaign Content Reportreports/
The 1,000 top-performing Items across all campaigns (or for a specified campaign).

Supports 1 dimension only: item_breakdown

The Response Object

Reports are returned as a valid JSON object. (A sample request and response are shown below.)

The results array contains the report data (the rows).
The metadata section contains the report metadata e.g. total records returned, static column definitions, dynamic columns definitions, etc.)

(Static columns are system-defined columns. Dynamic columns are based on conversion rules that you create - and are only present if you add include_multi_conversions=true to your request URL. Dynamic columns are explained in detail under the Custom Conversion Columns topic.)

Sample query with successful response

GET {base_url}/api/1.0/demo-account/reports/campaign-summary/dimensions/day?start_date=2019-12-01&end_date=2019-12-31&campaign=1234&site=Demo%20-%20Site
   "last-used-rawdata-update-time": "2019-12-17 09:00:00.0",
   "last-used-rawdata-update-time-gmt-millisec": 1576591200000,
   "timezone": "EST",
   "results": [
         "date": "2019-10-26 00:00:00.0",
         "date_end_period": "2019-10-26 00:00:00.0",
         "clicks": 0,
         "impressions": 154,
         "visible_impressions": 47,
         "spent": 0,
         "conversions_value": 0,
         "roas": 0,
         "ctr": 0,
         "vctr": 0,
         "cpm": 0,
         "vcpm": 0,
         "cpc": 0,
         "campaigns_num": 1,
         "cpa": 0,
         "cpa_clicks": 0,
         "cpa_views": 0,
         "cpa_actions_num": 0,
         "cpa_actions_num_from_clicks": 0,
         "cpa_actions_num_from_views": 0,
         "cpa_conversion_rate": 0,
         "cpa_conversion_rate_clicks": 0,
         "cpa_conversion_rate_views": 0,
         "currency": "USD"
      // additional rows (objects) omitted below...
   "recordCount": 9,
   "metadata": {
      "total": 9,
      "count": 9,
      "static_fields": [
            "id": "date",
            "format": null,
            "data_type": "DATE"
            "id": "date_end_period",
            "format": null,
            "data_type": "STRING"
            "id": "clicks",
            "format": null,
            "data_type": "NUMERIC"
        // additional field definitions (objects) omitted below...