Patching Collections


When updating a campaign, fields that are omitted from the request (or have a value of null) remain unchanged. This is useful, as you can update certain fields in the campaign, without submitting the entire field set.

However, certain campaign fields - e.g. publisher_bid_modifier - store a collection of values. You might want to update specific elements within that collection - without submitting the entire collection for that field. The PATCH request addresses this need - it allows you to submit partial updates within a given field.


Supported Fields

Currently, the PATCH operation is supported by the following campaign fields only:

PATCH Operations

In general, the following operations are available for a PATCH request:

ADDAdd a new item to the collection.
REPLACEReplace an existing item in the collection.
You cannot run the ADD operation twice for a given item - you must use REPLACE.
Not all collections support REPLACE.
REMOVERemove an existing item from the collection.


Not all collections support the REPLACE operation.


Taboola Backstage UI

After patching a collection via the API, there may be a delay before the Taboola Backstage UI displays the change.