NameModifier & DefaultsTypeDescription
Targeting Object with type = ALL
Targeting Object


1. Target 1 country only, using INCLUDE mode.
2. Target 1 or more postal codes in the above country.
For a non-default value, the href property of the Targeting Object stores a reference to the targeted postal codes. The value property is always null.

See Postal Code Targeting

The postal_code_targeting field is updated indirectly via the targeting/postal_code endpoint. A reference to this endpoint, for the current campaign, is stored in the href property. (This URL can be used to fetch the collection.)

   "id": "1234",
   "postal_code_targeting": {
      "type": "INCLUDE",
      "value": null,
      "href": ""


The value property is always null.


See: Postal Code Targeting Flow