Taboola Pixel Overview

The Taboola Pixel

As an advertiser, you can add a Taboola Pixel (JS code snippet) to your website.

Taboola Pixel gathers data about actions that users take, after arriving at your site. Taboola can then use that data to optimize your campaigns towards desired/valuable actions.

For example, your campaigns can be shown to people who are more likely to take action.


Why use Taboola Pixel?

  • Measurement and optimization: Share conversion data, so that Taboola can drive desired results.
  • Audience re-engagement: Create (and target) custom audiences based on user actions.
  • Prevent lost conversions: Track conversions that would otherwise get lost by cookie-eliminating browsers.

You can use the Backstage API to create and manage:

  1. Conversion rules.
  2. Custom audience rules (aka Custom Audiences).

Each of these is described in the topics that follow.



To report on conversion metrics, see: Campaign Summary Report.



To target custom audiences, see: Update Custom Audience Targeting.


Installing Taboola Pixel

For information about installing Taboola Pixel, see the Taboola Help Center.