'Bid Modifier Per Publisher' Object

The Publisher Bid Modifier Object stores an array of these in its values property.


Property/Field_NameModifiers and DefaultsTypeDescription
targetRequired StringThe account_id of the publisher (aka site) to which the bid modifier should be applied.


For a list of all publishers on a given admin network, use the publishers endpoint. (Refer to the account_id field returned.) Speak to your account manager to obtain the list of admin networks that are applicable for your campaigns.

For a list of publishers (sites) on which your campaigns have previously run, use the Campaign Summary Report, with the site_breakdown dimension. Refer to the site field in that report. (The site field is the publisher account_id.)
cpc_modificationRequired Double
Must be between values 0.011 - 2.0
(CPC boost must be between -99% and 100%)
Min/Max cpc_modification values:

0.011 - apply a boost of -99% (Min)
2.0 - apply a boost of +100% (Max)


Campaign-level cpc = 0.8

To apply a boost of -50% for demo-site-1, set its cpc_modification to 0.5:
site-specific bid = 0.8 x 0.5 = 0.4

To apply a new boost of -12.5%, set it's cpc_modification to 0.875:
site-specific bid = 0.8 x 0.875 = 0.7

To apply a new boost of +12.5%, set it's cpc_modification to 1.125:
site-specific bid = 0.8 x 1.125= 0.9

At all times, the campaign-level cpc remains unchanged (0.8)


- cpc_modification is publisher-specific and has no effect on the campaign-level cpc.
- Modifiers are not accumulative. The modifier most recently submitted for that publisher is applied against the campaign-level cpc.
- Aside from the min/max values for boost (above), the API also enforces a min/max value for the resulting bid - see Get list of Minimum CPC values.


Minimum CPC

For each campaign, Taboola Backstage enforces a minimum CPC.

As of July 8, the minimum CPC is also enforced for site-level bids:

  • The system compares the site-level bid to the allowed minimum and uses the higher of the 2.

  • This is the bid amount that will be used in auctions, and the value that will be charged for a click.

For more detail, see: Get list of Minimum CPC values


Field Name

For future extensibility, the field property is called target. The target property expects a publisher account_id.



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