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404 response when creating audience for non-network account

Hello, I am trying to create an audience list for a non-network account and received a 404 response: {"http_status":404,"message":"account","message_code":"api.action.resource_not_found"} I don't get the same response when I create an audience list for the network account and can see the created audience in the portal. Is it possible to create audience lists within the API to non-network accounts?

do we have account balance api?

can we get our balance with api without login to our account? this is useful for us to remind of tollup our accounts when balance is low without login account .

Getting 404 When Creating Campaign

Having some issues when posting a new campaign via the API. Posting to:{account_id}/campaigns/ So the account_id we are using has some pre-existing campaigns in it. I am able to fetch account info via the API. Using PHP for posting a campaign though results in a 404. I have tried just using the example vars from the API, but I get the same result. PHP: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS, "{\"name\":\"DemoCampaign\",\"branding_text\":\"Pizza\",\"cpc\":0.25,\"spending_limit\":1000,\"spending_limit_model\":\"MONTHLY\",\"marketing_objective\":\"DRIVE_WEBSITE_TRAFFIC\"}");

Invalid Audience Id

Hello, I am trying to add users to one of our custom audiences. I am getting the response back when I attempt to POST: {"http_status":400,"message":"Invalid value 'xxxxxx'","offending_field":"audience_id","message_code":"api.action.bad_request.invalid_value.audience_id"} As far as I know, the audience id I am posting back is "correct" based on the results I get back when I check the "/universal_pixel/custom_audience_rule" endpoint. I noticed in the documentation that the example was 2 digits, so I am wondering if I am looking at the wrong id? Thanks, Gabe

API отчетность

Подскажите, пожалуйста, можете ли вы работать с API отчетностью? Если да, то в каком формате? Можно настроить автоматическую рассылку клиенту на ежедневной основе и какие данные могут передаваться (например: показы, клики, расход)?

Hourly Reporting Broken

Hi Taboola team Today (2022-03-26) starting from ~12AM EST we're facing 0 data in hourly reporting This is related only to Backstage API Please clarify if you aware of this issue And when we may expect hourly reporting up again Thanks, Igor

Load item performance report, daily

Hey team, hope you are well. We are planning to consume the API to get daily reports for every item of every campaign. The strategy would be to set the timeframe between start_date and end_date to 1, and request for each item of every campaign. From what I understood, would be necessary only one request per campaign, and the return would be the top 1000 ads with its performance of that day, correct? Or it would be necessary to run one request for each item inside the campaign? For every connection we create, the requests would be done in sequential, but is possible to create multiple connections to run in parallel. I didn't see any formal rate limits in the documentation To load the historical data, this would require a lot from the API but after it, the daily sync would be more stable. It doesn't seem the API was optimized to this specific use case so i'm a little concerned about the reliability. I didn't see any formal rate limits in the documentation, so i don't know how the API would behave with this use case. I'm sharing it with you to see if we would face any limit or reliability issue that I'm not seeing right now, or if you guys have a better way to structure the requests that could guarantee daily reports for every item of a campaign. Thanks a lot,

ITEM is blank when AD is paused

Hi, I noticed that when the AD is paused the ITEM in the API is blank, whereas when it's active it appears with a value. Is that the expected behavior? Can we somehow preserve the ITEM ids? Thanks.

?? appearing in campaign name

Hi, the characters ?? and ??? are appearing in the campaign name. please can you advise why, and what we can do about it. thanks

Does bulk items endpoint use CDN?

When using the "Create a batch of items for a given campaign" endpoint (, are the thumbnail_urls automatically uploaded to Taboola's CDN? We've always assumed that all images go through Taboola's CDN, but we recently noticed that we're tracking a very large number of requests to images on our server from Taboola publishers. Is Taboola actually pinging the original provided thumbnail_url every time our ad loads, and not going through your own CDN?