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Hi I have a test account and campaign of which I am trying to do bulk conversion uploads. However, I am not seeing any Events getting populated in the Conversion Table (TaboolaAds console) this is the command I am executing from my local env: curl --request POST --data '{ "actions": [ { "timestamp": 1654008308, "click_id": "click_id", "name": "OMClick" }, { } ] }' Please advise and thanks in advance.

Account is disabled error

Hi, we keep getting an error from an api call of account [email protected] is disabled. Our client-id and Client-secret have been regenerated but somehow we still see this error. the call we are making is to : url = "" such as is in here: and all the params we are passing don't include the mentioned user-name we see in the error. What can we do ? Thanks

Integrated campaigns

Hi, Right now we have to create and maintain separate campaigns for desktop, mobile, etc. Wouldn't it make sense to have that integrated into one campaign? It shouldn't be hard to have a single UI that allows us to specify bidding etc. for desktop, then mobile, etc. Ditto targeting. That could also be segmented within a single campaign. Requiring users to create physically separate campaigns for platforms and targeting doubles, triples, quadruples our workload. It really makes no sense and is a brute-force approach to something that could be integrated into a single campaign management UI.

Change site bid via api

Is there a way to change the bid of a site using api?

Unauthorized (Unauthenticated) Mismatched signatures

How do I fix this Invalid Token Exception where the 'signatures' don't match. Also, what is meant by a 'signature' in this instance Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Uploading Conversion through API

Hi everyone, We are trying to upload a Conversion into Taboola through the API. Use case: If a client reads an article and signs up to show interest he is being put into Pipedrive (CRM) Once he passes a certain stage, we want to upload the client with Conversion ID/Click ID back to Taboola to confirm our sales team converted the customer. Somehow I can not find the right endpoint, but maybe in Taboola its called differently. I know it from Google Analytics, where we can upload a conversion through click id. How is this achieved in Taboola API? Thanks!!!

duplicate api bug.

We met a problem when we use duplicate operation through api. When we duplicate a campaign at 21:00, it returns "Start Date cannot be set in the past". We try the same duplicate api at 1:00 am , it works. We tried to include start_date in post data, but it doesn't support start_date in duplicate api. Any solutions?

Cannot adjust the daily_cap freely

Hi all, I am trying to adjust the daily_cap via the API. This is the output I get: `The daily cap for this campaign setup must be at least 4.2 USD. Please adjust it to proceed.` I don't have an idea where the 4.2 USD value comes from. Why cannot I set it to e.g. 1 USD? Anyone has experienced the same issue? Thank you! Best regards, Jacek

404 response when creating audience for non-network account

Hello, I am trying to create an audience list for a non-network account and received a 404 response: {"http_status":404,"message":"account","message_code":"api.action.resource_not_found"} I don't get the same response when I create an audience list for the network account and can see the created audience in the portal. Is it possible to create audience lists within the API to non-network accounts?

do we have account balance api?

can we get our balance with api without login to our account? this is useful for us to remind of tollup our accounts when balance is low without login account .