Additional features


When using Taboola Web Push, you can optionally enable certain additional features, on a case-by-case basis.


Additional features are not enabled by default. To enable a given feature for your account, reach out to your Taboola Account Manager.

Additional features


Once enabled, the backdrop feature allows you to gray out your page, until the user responds to the notification pop-up. This draws attention to the pop-up, increasing user engagement.


The backdrop effect is applied for 4 seconds. If the user does not respond within that time, the effect is removed.

To enable the backdrop effect:

  1. Reach out to your Taboola Account Manager to enable this feature for your account.
  2. Let your account manager know if the backdrop effect should be the default behavior.
    1. If yes:

      The effect will be applied for all Taboola push notifications under your domain. No further action is required.

    2. Else:

      Add the following code snippet the relevant pages only (in the <head> section of each page):

       window._taboola_notifications = window._taboola_notifications || [] 
       window._taboola_notifications.push({enableFeature: 'backdrop'})


      If a given page contains a Taboola push notification, as well as the above script, the backdrop effect will be applied.