Split Feed


For optimal performance, we recommend placing your below-article Feed immediately below the article. This increases the Feed's visibility, and in turn, boosts CTR (click-through rate).

If you have any units below the article that must remain accessible - e.g. 'Subscribe to our Newsletter' or 'Comments' - you can embed them within the Feed itself, in a slot of your choosing.

This configuration is known as a Split Feed.


The Split Feed will be configured by the Taboola team, once you have followed the steps below.


The steps below presume that you are integrating Taboola recommendations into your page - e.g. using Standard (aka JS Tag) integration.

An example

In the example shown below, the Split Feed has been configured to show the newsletter unit in the second available slot.

The Feed starts immediately below the article, whilst the newsletter unit is still accessible (i.e. not pushed below the Feed).


Before Taboola can configure your Split Feed, you will need to perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the unit you want to embed has a unique id (or unique class) attribute:
<!-- The unit to embed -->
<div id="newsletter_unit">...</div>


  • In the above example, the id is "newsletter_unit".
  • Before Taboola configures your Split Feed, make sure that this ID is unique (not repeated on the page).
  1. Insert the placement tags for the Feed, as originally provided by Taboola, directly above the unit:
<!-- The placement tags, as provided by Taboola -->
<div id="taboola_unit"></div>

  window._taboola = window._taboola || [];
    mode: '<mode>',
    container: 'taboola_unit',
    placement: '<placement>',
    target_type: '<target_type>'

<!-- The unit to embed -->
<div id="newsletter_unit">...</div>
  1. At this point, the Taboola Feed will display as normal (with the unit pushed below the Feed). Contact Taboola and provide the relevant details for your Split Feed:


Details to provide:

  • The placement tags for the Feed, as originally provided by Taboola.
  • The unique id (or unique class) of the unit that you need to embed.
  • The position in which you would like the unit to be inserted - e.g. the second slot.
  • A sample URL, containing the above Feed and unit.
  1. The Taboola team will configure your Split Feed, based on the details provided.


The change will typically reflect within 24 hours. At that point, you will see the relevant unit embedded within the Feed.


Need a hand?

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