ads.txt allows publishers to list their authorized digital sellers, to help prevent fraud and misrepresented domains.

For more detail, see the IAB website.

What do I need to do?

Declare Taboola as an authorized seller in your ads.txt file:

  1. Log into Taboola Backstage UI and select the Ads.txt Records tab (on the left).
  2. Copy the displayed records to your ads.txt file, on the root of your website.



  1. If you have more than one site, make sure to update the ads.txt records for each of your sites.
  2. Failure to add ALL the relevant entries to your ads.txt file can result in reduced revenue.


ads.txt vs app-ads.txt

  • Web publishers should update ads.txt.
  • App publishers should update app-ads.txt.


If you have any questions, please contact your Taboola Account Manager.

How does ads.txt work?

Publishers provide an ads.txt file on the root of their website. This text file lists all companies that are authorized to sell their inventory.

Buyers check the ads.txt file to confirm which inventory they are authorized to buy, and to verify that the exchange and publisher have a legitimate relationship.