Page view discrepancies

When comparing page view (PV) data for Google Analytics (GA) and Taboola Backstage, you may come across discrepancies.

As a first step for such cases, we recommend reviewing the following check-list:

  1. Make sure you have implemented Taboola across all your pages.
  2. Make sure that the TaboolaΒ loader tag is present in the <head> of each page, and that you are setting page-type appropriately.

    E.g. the homepage should have a page type of home, while an article should have a type of article.

  3. Verify that you have integrated Taboola into your pages correctly, and that Taboola placements are showing. If no placements are showing on a given page, Taboola Backstage will not record a page view.
  4. Is your website implemented as an infinite scroll? If yes, make sure to pass the canonical URL, each time the user scrolls to a new page.
  5. Have you implemented a lazy loading solution? Lazy loading will typically cause Taboola Backstage to reflect less page views than GA.
  6. It's important to be aware that there are key differences in how GA and Taboola record page views. For that reason, Taboola Backstage typically reflects less page views than GA.

    For a more accurate comparison, consider creating a custom GA event.

  7. When making comparisons between the 2 systems, follow our recommended guidelines.

    See: Tracking PVs via GA > Making comparisons


Tracking PVs via GA

For more detail about how Taboola tracks page views - and how you can set up a custom GA event - see: Tracking PVs via GA

For further questions or assistance, reach out to your Taboola Account Manager.