What's new in SDK 3?

SDK 3 is the latest major version of our Mobile SDK. It includes a number of enhancements, aimed at simplifying the integration process and minimizing errors.


Which version?

SDK 3 is the preferred SDK version for new integrations.

(Publishers that are already using SDK V2 should continue to do so, until instructed otherwise.)


Key changes in SDK 3

  • Widget and Feed are now instances of the same class ('Unit'), and use a similar flow.
  • Widget and Feed heights are now set automatically.
  • Placement View IDs are now managed automatically.
  • Serial loading is now managed automatically.
  • The following default values are now applied:
    • targetType is "mix" by default.
    • The scrollIntercept flag for Feed is set to true by default (for a seamless transition between page and Feed scrolling).


Migrating from SDK 2 to SDK 3?

See our migration guidelines below.