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Google Play's data disclosure requirements

How to use information on this page

This page lists the end-user data collected by only the latest versions of the Taboola Android SDK (Android SDK and React-Native)

If you are using a prior version of the Taboola SDK, consider updating to the latest version to ensure your app's disclosures are accurate. The Taboola SDK will continue to be updated over time. This article will reflect these changes, so make sure to check back and update your disclosures as necessary.

To complete your data disclosure, you can use Android's guide about data types to help you determine which data types and purposes best describe the collected data. In your data disclosure, make sure to also account for how your specific app shares and uses the collected data.

Purpose of Data Collection

The Taboola Android SDK collects and shares the following data types automatically for advertising personalization, advertising performance, fraud detection, analytics, and diagnostics.

Data Collected Automatically

IP AddressNetwork request sender IP addresses
User product interactionsCounting requests, impressions, viewability and clicks data
Diagnostic informationCollecting sampled and anonymous information related to the performance of your app and the SDK such as crash logs.
Device and Account identifiersCollects Android advertising (ad) ID
Device and App informationBundle ID, Taboola SDK type and version, connection type (wifi/cellular), Device Model | OS and version, App name, locale, estimated location (Optional). Taboola SDK does not engage or performs any fingerprinting activity with this information

Overview of data encryption, data sharing, and data deletion for Taboola SDK

Data encryptionFor the collected end-user data listed on this page, Taboola encrypts the data in transit using HTTPS
Data sharingFor the collected end-user data listed on this page, Taboola does not transfer this data to third parties except as outlined in Taboola's privacy policy
Data deletionTaboola allows end-users to delete personal data collected through the Data Access Portal

Data Handling and more information

Taboola Privacy Policy - you can more about Taboola privacy policy here

Estimated location - Taboola Android SDK collects the user's location if there is app permission to do so. To avoid collecting accurate location per privacy guidelines, the LNG and LAT data is truncated at the SDK side to up to 2 decimal points

Diagnostic information - Taboola Android SDK is sending anonymous and sampled crash logs related to the SDK

IP address - Taboola is using this information for contextual targeting, and frequency capping. The IP addresses is masked when stored in the backend