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Advanced Options

Android Web - Advanced Options


While reading the documentation, take a look at our Sample App.


In this section, we look at more advanced options for working with the Taboola SDK.

Opening Audience Exchange (AE) Items in App

If your widget or feed feature AE items and you wish to open these items within the app instead of an external web view, please see the following steps below.

1: Add the extra property 'allowAudienceExchangeClickOverride' to Taboola's global properties:

HashMap<String, String> extraProperties = new HashMap<String, String>() {{ put("allowAudienceExchangeClickOverride", "true"); }};

2: Override the onItemClick Listener to implement your desired behavior:

TBLWebUnit tblWebUnit =<Context>, <placementName>, <mode>, <placementType>, new TBLWebListener(){
    onItemClick(String placementName, String itemId, String clickUrl, boolean isOrganic, @Nullable String customData) {  
         try {
              data = new JSONObject(customData);
              if (data.has("isAudienceExchange") && data.optBoolean("isAudienceExchange", false) {
                 // Handle Audience Exchange items
                 return false;
            } catch (Exception exception) {
         return true;