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App Verification

Android Classic - App Verification



  1. Prior to launch, you must provide Taboola with a test app for verification. Skipping this step may result in a significant loss of revenue.
  2. Before submitting your app to Taboola, review the checklist below.

Verification Checklist


SDK Version

We recommend using the latest SDK version - e.g. <<androidSDKVersion>>.


General Guidelines

  1. Follow all integration steps carefully. (Refer to the topics above.)
  2. Do not cache Taboola content. Fetch new content each time the app opens or the relevant screen is created.
  3. Do not refresh Taboola content unnecessarily.
  4. Fetch content as soon as the screen loads.
  5. Refer to the sample app provided.


Organic Content

By default, all content will open in the system browser (or a new tab, if AndroidX Browser is present). You can (optionally) override this behavior for organic content.

For more information, see: Event Handling > onItemClick.


Dark Mode

If your application implements dark mode:

  1. Contact your Taboola Account Manager to enable dark mode for your account.
  2. Set the Taboola SDK dark-mode feature flag to true.

For more information, see: Advanced Options > Dark Mode.



In order to provide personalized recommendations for impressions in the EU and California, make sure to implement GDPR & CCPA respectively.

Otherwise, Taboola will serve contextual recommendations only, without the use of personal data.



As an app publisher, you must declare Taboola as an authorized seller in your app-ads.txt file. Failure to do so can result in a significant loss of revenue.

For more detail, see: app-ads.txt


Before you launch

  1. Provide Taboola with an APK file or invitation to your Beta Testing Program.
  2. Provide documented steps for reaching all Taboola products within the app.
  3. Await verification by Taboola.