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Android Classic - Params


This page provides a reference for the various Taboola SDK params.


During onboarding, Taboola will provide you with the param values for your integration.

If you need to troubleshoot, you can also test with the param values used in our sample app.

Params Cheatsheet

Java paramXML attributeDescription
<publisherId>taboola:tb_publisherYour publisher ID, as provided by Taboola - e.g. "<<publisherID>>".
<mode>taboola:tb_modeThe UI Mode ID of the widget, as provided by Taboola - e.g. "<<mode>>", "thumbnails-feed", etc.
<placementName>taboola:tb_placementThe placement name, as provided by Taboola - e.g. "<<placementName>>", "stories-prod", etc.
<url>taboola:tb_urlA fully-qualified, public URL, with the same content as the screen. e.g. "<<pageURL>>".
<pageType>taboola:tb_page_typeThe page type, as provided by Taboola - e.g. "<<pageType>>".
<targetType>taboola:tb_target_typeThe target type, as provided by Taboola - e.g. "<<targetType>>" (default value).

If targetType is not "<<targetType>>", make sure to set it accordingly - e.g.: tblClassicUnit.setTargetType("video").
<placementType>N/AThe Unit type that the Taboola SDK should return - see below.
TBLClassicListenerN/AAn abstract class for event handing - see: Event Handing.

Possible values for placementType

TBL_PLACEMENT_TYPE.PAGE_MIDDLEIntReturns a mid-page Widget.
TBL_PLACEMENT_TYPE.PAGE_BOTTOMIntReturns a page bottom Widget.
TBL_PLACEMENT_TYPE.FEEDIntReturns a Taboola Feed.