On May 25th, 2018, the new EU data protection regulatory framework – the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") – came into effect.

Taboola takes considerable efforts to ensure that its privacy practices comply with data protection laws and the industry's best practices.

Working with the IAB consent framework

Taboola added support for the IAB consent framework ("IABConsent_ConsentString") in iOS SDK version 2.1.6. Please make sure you are using this SDK version or above.

Passing consent status directly to Taboola SDK

It is possible to forward the consent status to Taboola SDK on each time the widget/feed is initialized using a dedicated flag - cex. The consent boolean value (in string format) should be passed on each SDK session.

By default, the value of this flag is set to "true" - allowing Taboola to use the user's data. Please use the flag only when the end-user is GDPR subject and set it to "true" (user provided consent), or "false" (user didn't provide consent). It is recommended to place these lines alongside the other settings, such as publisher name, etc

//Setting taboolaView object
mTaboolaView.delegate = self;
mTaboolaView.ownerViewController = self;
mTaboolaView.mode = @"thumbnails-a";
mTaboolaView.publisher = @"the-publisher-name";
mTaboolaView.pageType = @"article";
mTaboolaView.placement = @"Mobile second";

[mTaboolaView setOptionalPageCommands:@{@"cex":@"true"}];

<!-- in the body tag add user_opt_out to the JS tag -->
<div id="container-id"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
   window._taboola = window._taboola || [];
   _taboola.push({mode: "mode-name",
   	container: "container-id",
   	placement: "Placement Name",
        cex: "true",
   	target_type: "mix"});
   _taboola["mobile"] = window._taboola["mobile"] || [];

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