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ANR on App launch with Taboola and Firebase Performance Plugin

Hi, I am using Taboola ads in my app. It seems Taboola ads sdk not compatible with latest Firebase Performance plugin. First session navigate to the fragment where Taboola ads located and I can see the advertisements as expected. Then if I kill the app from recent screens and when I try opening it again there's a crash / ANR. here is the library versions I am using Android Gradle Plugin version 8.0.2 Kotlin 1.8.0 Taboola sdk com.taboola:android-sdk:3.8.18 Firebase Performance plugin: Android app target version : 33 Android Studio Giraffe | 2022.3.1 Patch 1 Note: Its working fine If I downgrade the performance plugin version to firebase-perf-ktx:20.3.0

File not found exception

i am getting this error getHtmlTemplateFileContent :: error opening template file sampleContentPage.html. my code is same as sample application.

Unable to generate signed apk - Proguard R8-Full Mode

I am trying missign class error while generating signed apk Missing class (referenced from: int and 4 other contexts) I have keep rules in progurad file as but still getting same error \-keep public class com.taboola._ { _; } -keep,allowoptimization,allowobfuscation class\*_ { _; }

In flutter, Its possiable to add show more button after 10 ads.

if tab show more then again add 10 ads so on..

Read More button is not showing

The docs says (<>) I have to put my taboola container after my main article container, but is not working. Is there another config step I'm skipping?

page URL to pass into initWithPageType in TBLClassicPage

Hi, I'm trying to initialize an instance of `TBLClassicPage` as part of integrating Taboola into my app. Part of the initializer requires a pageURL which according to the API doc is `String describes the website's URL`. My app is a white label app sold to customers. So would that be the website of the individual customer(e.g. just <>)? Thanks,

Default constructor is missing for classType - class

I am using version 3.8.17. After integration when launching the app from the second time onwards, the app gets fridge & gets the below logs. Android Studio Logs: BaseBlisonConverter com.packagename E Default constructor is missing for classType - class exception - java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:<init> \[]. please provide it for better work flow

flutter dark mode Taboola not works

In Flutter App its works only in light mode , and also passed extraProperties.putIfAbsent("darkMode", () => "true"); not works

Webview Pager

I have a pager with several webviews on iOS, including taboola's ads. the last webview displayed is working fine, but when going back to previous webview, no actions are fired when clicking the taboola items. The "didClickOnPlacementItem" function is not called as it should be the delegate (TBLWebPageDelegate) reference seems to be "gone", or it went to the last webview shown. . Anyway, the "previously built" webview has non clickable taboola items Regards