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Proguard warning

I'm integrating Taboola sdk version 3.8.16 and Firebase version 32.1.0. My application get crashed in release mode after applying the Proguard. I'm getting error like "Missing class" What should I've to try to stop the crash?

Default constructor is missing for classType - class

I am using version 3.8.17. After integration when launching the app from the second time onwards, the app gets fridge & gets the below logs. Android Studio Logs: BaseBlisonConverter com.packagename E Default constructor is missing for classType - class exception - java.lang.NoSuchMethodException:<init> \[]. please provide it for better work flow

Collection View Swift Issues

Hello I'm trying to implement a Taboola unit within a collection view but when I attempt to call the api to retrieve cell height for the generated Taboola unit to be fed into the layout it gives me maximum integer values for the collection view cell size do you all know why that is?