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SDK version

ο»Ώ[**SDK V3**](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) is the _preferred_ **Taboola SDK** version.

Xcode 13 and iOS 15 (2021-10-07)

We recently became aware of a <a href="" target="_blank">minor bug</a> in **Xcode 13** and **iOS 15**. When making fast-fling gestures, this issue may prevent smooth scrolling through the **Taboola Feed**.

**This affects:**

  • **Apps built with Xcode 13.0** that are **running on iOS 15 devices**.

  • **iOS Classic** Integration (**Taboola** SDK 2 and SDK 3).

Our team is working with Apple Support to address this issue. In the meantime, if you do encounter it, we recommend using the latest version of **Xcode 12** to build your App.

Xcode 11

If you are using **Xcode 11**, add the following line to your **.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj** file. This line should be added under _both_ `<DEVELOPMENT_TEAM>` entries:

`"EXCLUDED_ARCHS[sdk=iphonesimulator*]" = "";`

Important Guidelines

  • Taboola SDK size is dynamic and changes according to the integration type

  • Taboola SDK support iOS 9.0 and above (deployment target: iOS 9)

  • The maximum supported Base SDK is iOS 14

  • Minimum xCode version - 9.2

  • The compiled iOS SDK size is 121KB (framework file is 2.1MB)

## Overview

You can install the SDK via Cocoapods _or_ Carthage, as explained below.

## Installation with CocoaPods

CocoaPods is a dependency manager for Xcode, which automates and simplifies the process of using third-party libraries, like Taboola, in your projects.

Step 1: Install CocoaPods with the following command:


Step 2: Edit the Podfile To integrate Taboola into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:



Make sure to indicate the [**latest version**](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) - e.g. `<<iosV2Version>>` for **V2**.

Step 3: Run pod install.


## Installation with Carthage

ο»Ώ[Carthage](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) is a decentralized dependency manager that builds your dependencies and provides you with binary frameworks. This requires a minimum deployment target of iOS 8.0.

Step 1: You can install Carthage with Homebrew using the following command:


Step 2: To integrate Taboola into your Xcode project using Carthage, specify it in your `Cartfile`:



Make sure to indicate the [**latest version**](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) - e.g. `<<iosV2Version>>` for **V2**.

Step 3: Run "carthage update" to build the framework, and drag the built <code>TaboolaSDK.framework</code> into your Xcode project.

Step 4: On your application target Build Phases settings tab, click the + icon and select **New Run Script Phase.** a. Create a Run Script in which you specify your shell (ex: /bin/sh) b. Add the following contents to the script area below the shell:


c. Add the paths to the frameworks you want to use under β€œInput Files". For example:


d. Add the paths to the copied frameworks to the β€œOutput Files”. For example:



As of iOS SDK version 2.4.0 and above, the Carthage framework name is changed to "TaboolaSDK.framework"

## Updating the SDK (optional)

We encourage developers to use the latest SDK version. To stay up-to-date, please check our [announcements](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) and [change log](πŸ”—ο»Ώ). We highly recommend updating to the latest SDK version once a quarter.

### How to upgrade?

When upgrading the SDK please update your `Podfile` or `Cartfile` file with the latest version - replace the `[LATEST_SDK_VERSION_HERE]` with the latest version number


### Special Instructions for upgrading from a specific iOS SDK versions

Upgrading from SDK versionSpecial instructions
SDK 2.0.0 - 2.3.11 (including)Change the Carthage framework filename from "TaboolaFramework.framework" to "TaboolaSDK.framework"
SDK 1.x.xAny upgrade from SDK 1.x.x to SDK 2.x.x should be considered as a new integration. Please go over all of the steps outlined on this documentation