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## 2021-11-01 [0.2.0]

  • Native-Web "ScrollSwitch" solution completely re-written

  • Video items no longer auto-pop full screen on iOS

  • Fixed log leaks

  • Fixed rendering/object.dart exceptions on iOS

## 2021-08-09 [0.1.0]

  • Fixed important click event in case publisher asks to control the click event on organic items

  • Taboola Widget now uses 'Hybrid Composition' rendering mode for its WebView. If this is an issue for you, please create your WebViews before creating the Taboola Widget

## 2021-08-01 [0.0.4]

  • Flutter plugin is compatible with Flutter 2 Framework release

  • Resolved deprecated APIs used by Taboola plugin

  • 3rd party libraries updated

  • Bug fixes