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Trying to get my access Token via Password Credentials flow but receive error "false"


As stated in the topic, I am trying to get the access token that will allow me to manipulate the Backstage API but when trying the Password Credentials flow I am receiving the error "False".

Here is the function to fetch the token:

const credentials = {

this is where my credentials are registered


function fetchTaboolaAccessToken() {
const options = {};
options.method = 'post';
options.headers = {
'Content-Type': '"application/x-www-form-urlencoded"'

    options.body = {
        client_id: credentials.client_id,
        client_secret: credentials.client_secret,
        username: credentials.username,
        password: credentials.password,
        grant_type: 'password'

const result = fetchUrl('', options)
console.log("Result", result);


Can someone tell me what is wrong in my function for this error to be logged ?