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Duplicate campaigns to different advertiser (within the same account)


In taboola UI:
When we select "network" in advertiser selection in top right corner and then duplicate campaign (by click the last icon in campaign management) we have option to select advertiser on the next screen (its called provider).
However if we select specific advertiser we can duplicate only to the same advertiser - "provider" selection is grayed out.

We try to use the first behavior via API, duplicate campaign to different advertiser.

This is attempt to duplicate to different advertiser from network level as its done in UI:
"http_status": 404,
"message": "Resource not found"

This is attempt to duplicate to different advertiser (we not expected this will work as its not working in taboola UI)
"advertiser_id": "bleacherbreaker-m-sc",
"name": "wuz-d-uk-c-0-p3-200623-bb-tb-0--dev"
"http_status": 400,
"message": "Trying to modify a read-only field",
"offending_field": "advertiser_id"

Without passing "advertiser_id" duplication works fine.

Can we somehow duplicate to different advertiser_id from API as its done from taboola UI?

This can help us to avoid manual operations/error and reduce usage of taboola UI.