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React Native Plugin 3.x in General Availability (GA)

React Native Plugin 3.x is now in General Availability (GA) and is the recommended version for your projects.

Android 13


Android 13

As of August 31, 2023, Google requires all Android apps to target Android 13.

If you are using SDK 2.x, you must use SDK 2.10.0 or higher.

If you are using SDK 3.x, we recommend using Taboola SDK 3.8.17 or higher.

For more information about targeting Android 13, refer to the Google announcement.

React Native Plugin 3.x (Beta)

Initial release of Taboola React Native Plugin 3.x (Beta):

SDK Releases for Android (3.6.0) and iOS (3.6.1)

New releases of SDK 3 are available: 3.6.0 for Android and 3.6.1 for iOS.

Xcode 13


Xcode 13.0

A known issue in Xcode 13.0 occasionally prevents smooth scrolling on iOS 15 devices.

This can affect users making fast-fling gestures through the Taboola Feed.

To address this, publishers are advised to use Xcode 13.1 or higher.

SDK Releases for iOS (2.9.2 and 3.5.4)


SDK Releases for iOS

We recently made some important, 'under-the-hood' changes to our SDK for iOS. Publishers are encouraged to update to the latest, respective version:

  • 2.9.2 for SDK 2
  • 3.5.4 for SDK 3

Stories (SDK 3.5.0)



Using Classic Integration, you can now display content as Stories - much the same as the Stories format used on social media.

Refer to the instructions provided for your integration:

SDK 3 (New SDK Version)



On June 15, 2021, we released V3 of the SDK. This is the preferred SDK version for new integrations.

(Publishers that are already using V2 should continue to do so, until instructed otherwise.)

SDK 2.9.1 for iOS (New Release)

A new release of SDK 2 is available for iOS: 2.9.1

Update your Android project to Artifactory

JFrog (the maintainers of JCenter) are sunsetting JCenter. In light of this, please note the following change for Taboola SDK: